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For over twenty years I have had the privilege of owning several businesses and managing multiple multi-million dollar budgets in land development and new home construction. My aim is and always has been to surround myself with the top professionals available who have the experience in their specialties to help me achieve my objectives.

Some of my projects have had broad requirements and others more refined specialties. Whether holding the role of President, Vice-President, Project Manager, Developer, Broker or Investor – each time I decided to start a new company or project, I enthusiastically enjoyed the process of selecting my “key” personnel:  accountants, bankers, investors, attorneys, engineers, architects, project managers, construction managers and/or partners, landscape designers, sales personnel, etc., - a team that would enable me to reach our company’s goals and objectives.

Critical to our success has been the selection of excellent and experienced subcontractors.  Excavators, masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc., many of whom have been with us over 15 years, over multiple parcels of land and projects, have helped us build some of the finest custom designed ($350,000 to million dollar plus) homes in multiple sections of developed land (25 to 30 home sites, $70,000 to $175,000). In addition, selecting the best suppliers (lumber, windows, cabinets, doors, appliances, shingles, brick, etc.) and negotiating the best prices was also critical to our success.

Today, as a Consultant and Coach, I cannot overemphasize or stress the importance of selecting and training your key people the critical factor of being on time and under budget and anticipating allowances required in both ahead of time. In some instances, my contract negotiations have taken several months, and county and township approvals have taken years for approval.

From land selection, to design conception, to county and township/city approvals, to sewer and road completion, to landscaping, to marketing, to homes sales and construction, to bond release, and project completion:  anticipating future time and budget allowances required has determined the level of success in my entrepreneurial pursuits, development and construction companies, investment partnerships and joint-ventures. Capital constraints cannot be tolerated. 

It is a wonderful thing to own your own businesses, watch your people excel and grab hold of a dream you have, make it their own, make it even better, and see your dream or vision become reality. It is a terrible thing to watch your business and dream explode.   

Now, through CDI Consulting, I have the privilege of helping people like yourself see their dreams and visions become a reality by becoming one of your key personnel. So, whether you’re in the beginning stages of a project, in an expansion phase, faced with challenges in today’s volatile economy, or striving to meet project deadlines and completion - I welcome and invite you to give me a call to discuss CDI Consulting, LLC, helping you meet your company or investment goals and objectives.

John D. Martz

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